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If treated properly rabbits can actually make great pets. Rabbits Archive focuses not only on rabbits as pets but also on rabbits in the wild.

Below you will find a table listing all of our recent updates to Rabbits Archive, so check back soon for more information about these wonderful animals.

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From pictures to detailed species information you will find it all at Rabbits Archive. This information will help you take care of your pet rabbits and recognize one when you see it in the wild. Our health section contains information about signs and treatment for a variety of diseases which rabbits can contract.
Rabbits Archive Additions
Read all about the rare Sumatran Striped Rabbit.
View our pictures of the Black-Tailed Jackrabbit.
Check out these Netherland Dwarf Rabbit pictures.
Our Rabbits Glossary has been updated again.
We now have more info about the Broom Hare.
Read our updated information about fleas.
Learn all about the Black-Tailed Jackrabbit.
We have just updated our rabbit glossary.
View our Angora Rabbit pictures.
Spinal injuries can cause serious complications.
The Amami and Angora rabbit pages are updated.
Review our new Desert Cottontail information.
Take a look at our Mountain Hare pictures.
Review our updated European Rabbit information.
We have updated our rabbits glossary.
View our Japanese Hare pictures.
Learn about rabbits with teeth problems.
More info is available about fungal diseases.
We have just added Lop Rabbit pictures.
New info is available about the Snowshoe Hare.
View our new Eastern Cottontail rabbit pictures.
New terms are available in our rabbits glossary.
We have updated our page about fleas.
Learn all about the Broom Hare species.
We have updated our Volcano Rabbit page.
The Cape Hare is our newest rabbit species.
Our European Hare page has been updated.
Read all about the Mountain Hare.
Updates are available on our ear mites page.
We have updated our Eastern Cottontail page.
Overgrown Nails are common in pet rabbits.
We have updated our page about Antibiotics.
Rabbits Archive is our newest website!
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