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Even if there are no other pets in the house that can carry fleas, rabbits can still obtain them. In small cases fleas are not a particular health concern to your rabbit although they can be quite an annoyance. In larger infestations fleas can actually cause serious health problems as they are parasites that survive by feeding on their hosts.

Generally the best way to rid your pet rabbit of fleas is to use a commercially prepared flea removal substance that can be obtained from your local pet store. The rabbit will likely need to be bathed in this solution which will kill and remove all traces of the fleas. In most cases the same substance can be used on rabbits that is made for cats. This is because all animals have a habit of licking themselves for grooming purposes in which case they may injest some of the flea substance. Manufacturers have taken this into account when creating their product. However, if you are in doubt check with your veterinarian first before using it on the rabbit.

It will be important to replace the substrate and the food in the rabbits cage as well to completely remove and traces of the fleas before you put the rabbit back in. Many rabbit owners forget this step and then the fleas are allowed to reinfect the rabbit after the rabbit is reintroduced into the habitat.

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