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Fungal Disease


Fungal disease is an infection which generally does not occur to healthy rabbits. However, rabbits which are already sick, juveniles and older rabbits have a much higher risk of contracting fungal disease. This is because there immune system is not as strong as healthy rabbits. If multiple rabbits are housed in the same cage they are at risk of contracting the disease since it is easily transmitted. Humans are also susceptible of contracting this disease by coming in contact with an infected rabbit.

You will notice irritated areas on the rabbits skin. Most of the time these areas will have lost their fur. They are usually red in color and may appear to have a scab forming over them.

Medication will need to be prescribed by a veterinarian if the disease spreads too far. This medication usually involves some form of antibiotics. If you catch it early enough there are creams available which can be applied to the affected areas to rid the rabbit of the fungal infection.

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