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Teeth Problems


Rabbits are prone to having problems with their teeth because they are rodents. These problems can include chipped or crooked teeth as well as overgrown teeth.

The teeth of your rabbit can become chipped or start to grow crooked if it is chewing on something hard. Usually this happens to be the bars of its cage. If you notice this is the case you may wish to place a wood block or similar item in the rabbits cage in the hopes that it chews on that instead of the bars. Chewing on the bars of the cage is very likely to cause teeth problems over time.

Overgrown teeth usually only happen as a rabbit gets older. Since the teeth of rodents never stop growing the rabbit is constantly knawing on its front teeth to keep them at a reasonable length. If the teeth to become overgrown you will have to have them clipped. This is a procedure that you can do yourself but you will need to take great care to not clip the tongue of the rabbit.

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