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There are many different species of rabbits in existance throughout the world. Some are kepts as pets while others strictly live in the wild. This section will take you through one species at a time and tell you all about them. We have also included a large amount of information about how the rabbits live in the wild.

- Amami Rabbit - European Hare
- Angora Rabbit - European Rabbit
- Antelope Jackrabbit - Japanese Hare
- Arctic Hare - Mountain Hare
- Black-Tailed Jackrabbit - Pygmy Rabbit
- Broom Hare - Scrub Hare
- Brush Rabbit - Snowshoe Hare
- Bushman Rabbit - Sumatran Striped Rabbit
- Cape Hare - Volcano Rabbit
- Desert Cottontail - White-Tailed Jackrabbit
- Eastern Cottontail  
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