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Arctic Hare

Scientific Name: Lepus arcticus
Conservation Status: Least concern
Natural Location: Greenland and arctic regions of Canada

The Arctic Hare resides in some of the coldest places on earth including the northern tip of Canada, Alaska and Greenland.

The Arctic Hare generally eats plant life and especially enjoys berries. If it comes across a small animal which has been caught in a hunters' trap it will certainly eat it.

Most of the area that Arctic Hares inhabit contains snow all year round. In these areas the hare remains a bright white color all the time. Further south the Arctic Hare will obtain a grey tinge in its coat during the summer months to help it blend into its surroundings. The wide paws of the Artic Hare help it stay on top of the snow as it moves. This and its thick coat are two of the most important adaptations that allow it to survive these conditions.

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