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Cape Hare

Scientific Name: Lepus capensis
Conservation Status: Least concern
Natural Location: Africa

Even though the Cape Hare originates in Africa it can now be found in many parts of Europe and even Australia. They have been introduced into these other areas only recently.

These hares sleep during the day in shallow depressions that they create in the ground. These depressions are usually found under the cover of plants in an attempt to avoid predators. Generally the Cape Hare will return to its same place to sleep for many days in a row. As soon as it senses that there is a predator in the area it will jump up and run in a zig-zag pattern that many rabbits and hares are known for using. By running in this type of a pattern it helps them to confuse their predators.

The Cape Hare is one of the faster species of hare which helps it to avoid predators. They will eat a variety of shrubs and grasses that they come into contact with.

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