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European Hare

Scientific Name: Lepus europaeus
Conservation Status: Least concern
Natural Location: Northwest Europe

The European Hare is a very fast rabbit and uses its speed to escape predators. It can actually run at almost 70 kilometers per hour when need be. Unlike most other rabbits it gives birth on the ground as opposed to underground in a burrow.

The European Hare is one of the more shy rabbits and generally strays away from people. In the spring however they are very playful and can commonly be found out in the open chasing each other.

The biggest threat the European Hare is the destruction of its habitat. In Europe where they naturally occur farm land is taking over the areas they once made their homes in.

During the summer months the European Hare eats a variety of grasses. During the winter food is more scarce and it must resort to foraging on bark, twigs and other similar items.

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