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Pygmy Rabbit

Scientific Name: Brachylagus idahoensis
Conservation Status: Near Threatened
Natural Location: North America

Adult male Pygmy Rabbits rarely weigh more than a half kilogram with the females being slightly larger in weight and in overall size. All in all the Pygmy Rabbit is the smallest of all rabbit or hare species found in North America. These rabbits are gray in color and to go along with their small bodies have small ears and hind legs. Most rabbits and hares have white patches of fur on their tail whereas the Pygmy Rabbit does not.

Most rabbits find a whole or burrow that has been dug by another animal, however the Pygmy rabbit is known for digging its own burrow. You can find these rabbits only in fields or areas with tall grass and cover. They not only use this for food but also for shelter.

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